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SoHa Kayak & Paddleboard Rentals

Rental equipment options

Standup Paddleboard Rental
Rent an 11′ standup paddleboard which we use bounce Sups and NSP Cruiser 11′. All rentals include a lifejacket, leash, and paddle. 

Single Kayak Rental 
We use 11.5 Perception Tribes for single person kayak rentals. Rental includes a lifejacket and paddle. 

Tandem Kayak Rental 
We use 13.5 Perception Tribe kayaks for 2 person tandem kayak rentals. Rental includes lifejackets and paddles. 

Canoe Rentals
We use 17′ Mad River Canoes for rentals and they are very strong and can hold 3 people. Rental includes lifejackets, and paddles.

Floating Water Mat Rental
Our Floating Water Mats are 6’x18′ long. They come with an anchor and lifejackets. We stop rentals on these if we see when getting stronger.